Virgin PVC Compound

We make a vast range of compounds depending on the applications & demand of the customer. The PVC compounds manufactured by us are mostly graded by its application. The major applications of our compounds are:

Under this category of PVC Compound, we manufacture many series, viz., G Series, GOP Series, GOF series, GBL series, GT series G666 series & G777 series, GDP Series GDC series, our compounds are approved by FDDI & SATRA.


Reprocessed PVC Compound

We also Produce Quality products in Reprocess Compounds (RP Compounds) in all industry for PVC in our Noida unit, we have more grades in RP Compounds (RP-50 to RP-90) in Footwear & Automobile industry. The major applications of our compounds are:

Master Batches

We make tailor made PVC Compounds as per the required specifications of the client. More than 400 shades are readily available & specific shades can be developed as per the need of the customer. These are available in transparent, fluorescent & pearl shades.